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The ACRC has available a selection of educational materials to promote container stewardship and to raise public awareness on the benefits of recycling. The videos below are available to stream from our Youtube channel.  

Ag Container Recycling Council Overview:


Thousands of farmers and applicators nationwide participate in our free recycling programs. The ACRC is fully funded by our member companies and affiliates that formulate, produce, package and distribute crop protection and other pesticide products.

Pesticide Container Recycling:


(Click HERE to watch all three videos below on our Youtube Playlist (49 min)

ACRC Video:  Pesticide Container Recycling Overview
In addition to including valuable training lessons, this video shows the environmental and resource conservation value of pesticide container recycling and the resulting end products. This video is a valuable tool for promoting container recycling and educating stakeholders concerning each step in the recycling process from triple or pressure rinsing to end use. Available in English and Spanish editions.

ACRC Video: Inspecting 
This instructive video explains how to inspect containers brought in for recycling. It discusses the recycling site, protection needed while inspecting containers, and building relationships with clients. It also highlights the granulation process and shows some of the end-products made from recycled high-density polyethylene HDPE plastic.

ACRC Video: Pesticide Removal
The first video explains why crop protection product recycling is important and fully illustrates how to rinse containers of different sizes using both the triple-rinsing or pressure-rinsing methods. The criteria for acceptable containers are also discussed.

Other Videos: