Order Free Materials

The ACRC has available a selection of educational materials to promote container stewardship and to raise public awareness on the benefits of recycling. These printed brochures and posters are available upon request. To preview, please take a look at the web version of each below.


1) ACRC Program Brochures

Available for download below or to order printed brochures, please call us TOLL-FREE at 877-952-2272.


The "Here's How..." four-page color guide tells you all you need to know to recycle your containers!  

The "Pesticide Container Recycling is Easy and Free" (Tri-Fold Brochure) is one of the ACRC's main documents that we hand out and mail to people. Here it is in a readable web-version. 


2) ACRC Inspection Checklist


Available for download below or to order printed checklists, please call us TOLL-FREE at 877-952-2272.


For Recycling Crop Protection Product Containers (English/Spanish).  This useful handout (8.5" x 11") provides a detailed checklist of how to prepare and examine containers for recycling. Full-color photos illustrate containers that are both acceptable and non-acceptable. The types of containers accepted by the ACRC are also discussed.


3) ACRC Inspection Checklist Poster:  For Use at Collection Sites

Available to preview below. To order printed posters, please call us TOLL-FREE at 877-952-2272.


This robust laminated 17"x 22" poster provides the same information as our inspection checklist above, but in a larger format for use at collection sites. 


4) ACRC Cap Seal Removers (also free):
  • The large side of this helpful tool fits over the jug cap to break it loose and the smaller side with “teeth” tears out the foil seal after removing the cap.
To order our unique ACRC Cap Seal Removers, please email us at office@acrecycle.org or call us TOLL-FREE at 877-952-2272.
(When calling please leave us your cell phone number and we will text you back with the info we need to ship them out. Please do not leave this information on our voicemail as it is hard to decern the spelling in voicemails.)

In your email (or reply to our text) please include the following information:

  • Contact First and Last Name:
  • Company Name:
  • Company Address to ship to:
  • Company Phone Number
  • Primary Contact's email address.
  • Please include the amount of Cap Seal Removers and Tri-Fold ACRC Informational Brochures you would like. If requesting more that a few please let us know your primary purpose for the larger amount.