Post-Use Management of IBCs

While IBCs; aka mini-bulks or totes, are not part of the ACRC container recycling program, the ACRC does try to assist the USEPA and The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance (TPSA) in their efforts to promote best management practices and provide information to users on “the right thing to do.” The TPSA web site ( is an excellent starting point for those looking for responsible end-of-life options for their empty IBCs.  Resources on the TPSA web site include lists of companies that collect and recycle IBCs and contact names for all ACRC member companies that sell ag chemicals in IBCs.

Unfortunately, we have come across some “repurposing” organizations that are promoting “reuse” of IBCs for hydroponics or as portable water tanks, only acknowledging that they “may have contained chemicals.”

Unless the registrant dictates differently in the FIFRA label, emptied IBCs can be reprocessed for reuse by responsible container reconditioners outfitted with all the permits and equipment necessary to safely manage rinsate and residues, and who are otherwise in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations.