ACRC Container Resin - Product Specifications

Reclaimed agricultural container resin collected by independent contractors of the Ag Container Recycling
Council (ACRC) program is a mixture of ag chemical container high-density polyethylene resins (AgRES).
The resins have excellent stress crack resistance, high impact strength, high melt strength and good rigidity.
The resins are initially used for blow mold extruded or injection molded agricultural chemical containers.
The AgRES may be sold by ACRC contractors in the following three product types and grades:
Product Types:
1. HDPE, Fractional Melt (jug / bottle regrind)
2. HDPE, High Molecular Weight, HMW (drum regrind)
3. HDPE, Injection Grade (bucket regrind)
Potential Grades:
A. Triple rinsed, ground and unwashed
B. Triple rinsed, ground and washed
C. Triple rinsed, ground, washed and pelletized

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