Safety is our Priority

The ACRC is made up of many ag chemical-related companies, all of which are either members of or have embraced the concept of Responsible Care®.  This is the way we bring responsible and ethical management to our products throughout their lifecycle. Lifecycle stewardship for our products starts with research and development, and includes manufacture, transport and storage, and extends through integrated pest management, responsible use and eventual disposal of waste, including empty product containers.   
The ACRC is a tool of our industry in the United States that focuses on the empty container.  This is shown by what is described in the ACRC Mission Statement:

The mission of the ACRC is to conduct research regarding potentially acceptable uses of rigid HDPE plastic agricultural crop protection, animal health, specialty pest control, micronutrient, fertilizer, and/or adjuvant product containers (up to 56 gal) and to support the collection and recycling of containers through promotion of cost effective programs that foster public health and safety, environmental protection, resource conservation and end user convenience.

The ACRC, which was an instrumental resource in the development of the ASABE/ANSI S596 Standard, provides financial support to assist in the responsible collection of properly rinsed empty containers used by the ACRC member customer base.  Through the use of contracts, our selection criteria, and our on-going auditing process of contractors and processors, the ACRC is able to support a world-class collection and recycling program that promotes safety in action while helping to improve the overall environment.