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Letter on Fluorinated HDPE to the Association of Plastics RecyclersLetter on Fluorinated HDPE to the Association of Plastics Recyclers View
Tri-fold Brochure (Web Version) 2018ACRC - Trifold Brochure (Website Version) 2018.pdf View
2018 ACRC Contractor Map2018ACRCContractorMap.pptx View
Pesticide Container StewardshipPesticideContainerStewardship2018.ppt View
ACRC BrochureACRC - Here's How 4 Page Web Version 2018.pdf View
ACRC: USA Today AdACRC Ad in USA Today View
ACRC Fact SheetACRC Fact Sheet View
ACRC Inspection ChecklistACRC Inspection Checklist - Spanish (PDF), ACRC Inspection Checklist English View
Resource Conservation Benefits of Pesticide Container RecyclingResource Conservation 2015.pdf View
Non-metallic Cap Liners for Agricultural ChemicalsCap Seal Alternatives View
Annual Pounds of Plastic Collected by State in the ACRC Pesticide Container Recycling ProgramACRC 1993 - 2014 lbs collected by state - EX.pdf View
ACRC Member Company Contacts for Planning and Conducting Mini-bulk Recycling ProgramsCompany minibulk contact list 12 31 14.pdf View
ACRC Mini-bulk Recycling Position StatementACRC Mini-bulk Recycling Position Statement (PDF) View
Descriptions of Refillable ContainersDescription of Refillable Containers for Liquid.pdf View
FAO Container Management GuidelinesFAO Container Management Guidelines (PDF) View
Guidance for Safely Cleaning Refillable Pesticide ContainersGuidance for Safely Cleaning Refillable Pesticide Containers.pdf View
Minibulk Cleaning BrochureMinibulk Cleaning Brochure (PDF) View
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