Pesticide Container Recycling Levels Hit New High for Fifth Straight Year


In 2014, a record 9,874,300 pounds of pesticide containers were collected and recycled. This represents an 8 % increase over 2013. This was the fifth year in a row that recycling exceeded eight million pounds. Since 1993, over 153 million pounds of pesticide containers have been collected and recycled as a result of pesticide manufacturing industry funding of the ACRC. The total pounds recycled since 1993 in each state that participates in the ACRC program is illustrated on the map below. 
California once again led the nation in 2014 with 1,919,625 pounds of containers recycled. California’s twenty two year total now exceeds 25.7 million pounds. Washington, Iowa, Texas and Mississippi rounded out the top five in containers recycled in 2014. Of the 43 states that comprise the ACRC program, 23 reported increases and 20 reported decreases in total pounds recycled in 2014 compared with 2013. Significant increases (greater than 50 percent) were reported for Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. These increases reflect an extraordinary effort by the ACRC contractors, as well as the regulatory agencies, agri-business associations, individual growers, pesticide applicators, and ag retailers in those states. 
The 2015 ACRC budget funds the collection and recycling of approximately 10.5 million pounds, which, with the continued cooperation and support of the stakeholders referenced above, is an attainable recycling goal. If you have ideas for ways to improve and expand the recycling efforts in your area, please do not hesitate to contact your ACRC contractor directly or Ron Perkins at 877-952-2272 or email